Conférence internationale permanente d'instituts universitaires de traducteurs et interprètes Excellence in T&I training and research


To encourage young researchers and to promote promising T&I projects, the annual CIUTI Forum in Geneva provides an international platform for presenting in-process PhD projects in form of poster sessions. The following projects have been presented so far:

PosterYearOcca­sionAuthorTitle / Link to Abstract
2017CIUTI Forum 2017Rhona AmosPre­dic­tion in Simul­ta­ne­ous Inter­pret­ing

2017CIUTI Forum 2017Blan­ca Hernán­dez Par­doTrans­lat­ing Bioethics: From Idas to Real Life
2017CIUTI Forum 2017Esther de Boe(Video) Remote Inter­pret­ing
2017CIUTI Forum 2017Camille Col­lardSex Dif­fer­ences In Simul­ta­ne­ous Inter­pret­ing: A Cor­pus-Based Study
2017CIUTI Forum 2017Pao­la Gen­tileThe Inter­preter’s Pro­fes­sion­al Sta­tus. A Soci­o­log­i­cal Inves­ti­ga­tion into the Inter­pret­ing Pro­fes­sion
2017CIUTI Forum 2017Gaia Ara­grandeTrans­la­tion and Dis­course in Mul­ti­lin­gual Jour­nal­ism: a cor­pus-based approach.
2016CIUTI Forum 2016Dr Pedro Jesús Castil­lo OrtizExplor­ing Inter­preter-Medi­at­ed Live Radio Inter­views
2015CIUTI Forum 2015Lin­tao QiThe Oth­er Use of Latin:
the Net­work of Agents in Clement Egerton’s
Eng­lish Trans­la­tion of Jin Ping Mei
2014CIUTI Forum 2014Annette Wei­landtTer­mi­nol­o­gy Man­age­ment. A process-ori­ent­ed approach in the auto­mo­bile indus­try.