PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, CIUTI is rethink­ing the con­cept and the for­mat of the Forum. CIUTI will orga­nize a sci­en­tific Con­fer­ence in Edin­burgh in May 2018. The call for papers will be pub­lished in the near future.

CIUTI FORUM, as the name implies, is an open dis­cus­sion plat­form for all par­ties involved in trans­la­tion and inter­pret­ing. Within the set­ting of an annual con­fer­ence, usu­ally in Geneva, stake­hold­ers in T&I train­ing, research, and prac­tice are invited to dis­cuss T&I-related prob­lems and solu­tions, cur­rent trends, and antic­i­pated devel­op­ments. Recent top­ics were the role of lan­guages in a chang­ing global mar­ket, market-​oriented T&I train­ing, and translation-​quality issues.

May 2018, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

CIUTI Conference 2018

Translation and interpreting in an era of demographic and technological change Innovations in research, practice and training

Wednesday 30th of May 2018 - Thursday 31st of May 2018
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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January 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

CIUTI Forum 2017

Short- and longterm impact of artificial intelligence on language professions

Thursday 12th of January 2017 - Friday 13th of January 2017
Geneva, Switzerland

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January 2016, Geneva, Switzerland

CIUTI Forum 2016

Equitable education through intercultural communication: Role and responsibility for non-state actors

Thursday 14th of January 2016 - Friday 15th of January 2016
Geneva, Switzerland

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January 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

CIUTI Forum 2015

Pillars of communication in times of uncertainty

Thursday 15th of January 2015 - Friday 16th of January 2015
Geneva, Switzerland

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January 2014, Palais des Nations, Switzerland

CIUTI Forum 2014

Thursday 16th of January 2014 - Friday 17th of January 2014
Palais des Nations, Switzerland

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January 2013, Palace of Nations, Switzerland

CIUTI Forum 2013

Monday 07th of January 2013 - Tuesday 08th of January 2013
Palace of Nations, Switzerland

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January 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

CIUTI Forum 2012

Translators as Key Actors in Global Networking

Thursday 26th of January 2012 - Friday 27th of January 2012
Geneva, Switzerland

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May 2011, Beijing, China

CIUTI Forum 2011

International Conference on T&I Education Development

Saturday 21st of May 2011 - Sunday 22nd of May 2011
Beijing, China

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June 2009, Geneva, Switzerland

CIUTI Forum 2009

Tuesday 02nd of June 2009 - Tuesday 02nd of June 2009
Geneva, Switzerland

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