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IX. Leipzig International Conference on Translation & Interpretation

Wednesday 19th of May 2010 - Friday 21st of May 2010

Universitätsstr. 3 (New University building in the city center)

04107 Leipzig, Germany

Since 1965, the Leipzig International Conference on Translation Studies (LICTRA) is a major international event in the field of T&I research in terms of continuity, number of participants and speakers and academic standards. Its conference proceedings (volumes that are typically well over 600 pages) are milestones in translation and interpretation studies.

LICTRA conferences address key problems in T&I studies and have often stimulated a wave of research in new fields, such as T&I didactics (1997), T&I competence (2004) and translation quality (2007).

The general theme of LICTRA 2010, T&I research, is intentionally less focused than it was in previous years. This year, we are aiming to provide a wide, multifaceted and truly international overview of the latest findings in T&I research.

As we celebrate the 600th anniversary of the University of Leipzig, 50 years of translation and interpretation studies at the university, and 50 years of CIUTI efforts to promote quality in T&I training and research, we will reflect on how far T&I studies has come in the last 5000 years – and particularly in the last 50 years.

Even more than previous LICTRAs, this conference will seek to promote international cooperation among T&I institutions, enhance synergies and stimulate new topics and innovative approaches to research.

LICTRA 2010 is not a Euro-centric event. Thanks to generous support from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), we are able to invite renowned scholars from many countries and every continent. So far, LICTRA 2010 has about 80 speakers and registered participants from almost 30 countries.

For well-established T&I scholars, LICTRA conferences are an opportunity to meet friends and colleagues, to exchange ideas and share new findings and to gain fresh inspiration from a new generation of T&I researchers.

LICTRA conferences also provide a forum for young scholars, postgraduates in doctorate programmes and ambitious T&I students to present their projects and establish new contacts.

For more information on the programme, registration and accommodation see the LICTRA website: http://lictra.eu/